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Welcome to Artisst Plants.

Artisst Plants is dedicated to supporting breeding companies, plant propagators and amateur breeders with tissue culture and tissue culture related techniques.

Our long history in plant breeding support has provided us a perspective that most tissue culture companies are missing...a keen understanding of the industry needs and a desire to exceed customer expectations.

Along with our emphasis on quality and communication, your success is our mission.

Please visit our webpages and learn more about how we can help you achieve your breeding goals.

Our philosophy: “Work together and results will be better”

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Interspecific hybrids

Interspecific hybrids We have broad experience in the generation of interspecific hybrids in ormamental crops. An example is the generation of interspecific Impatiens. A cross between Impatiens walleriana and Impatiens pseudoviola has led to a ...



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