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Welcome to our website, great to have you here!

Artisst Plants started it’s business in september 2011.

Quite a challenge after after working 23 years for bedding and pot plant breeder Goldsmith Seeds and almost 2 years at the tissue culture laboratory of Iribov.

At Goldsmith Seeds Europe I started the tissue culture lab in 1986 as a one person facility, when I left in 2009 we employed 10 people in our TC lab.

Main focus was on maintaining and propagating breeding lines of a wide variety of crops. We worked on crops like Primrose, Cyclamen, Cineraria, Pansy, Ranunculus etc.

The lab was also used for the disease free maintance and production of starter material for cutting raised varietes as well as special techniques like embryo rescue, mutation induction and polyploidization.

After a short period at Iribov I decided to start my own business in the labfacilities of BOT Flowerbulbs in Andijk.

Since the start Artisst Plants has grown as a company and since june 2012 Esther Lagrand works for Artisst Plants. Esther has almost 25 years of tissue culture experience in a wide range of crops.

Since July 2014 Bas Rijpkema has joined the team. Bas is responsible for all of our research and has more than 10 years experience in tissue culture.

Our company philosophy of working together with you as a customer instead of working for you, as most tissue culture labs tend to do, is working very well.

Please take a look at our site and determine if we can be of an added value to your breeding program.

Although we are specialized in Primroses and Cylamen we are challenged by all crops that you need tissue culture support!

Yours sincerely,

Arie van Diepen


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