Tissue culture


Cyclamen is not the easiest crop in tissue culture. We have developed a protocol for the regeneration of shoots of Cyclamen persicum and different procedures for propagation. Although our main focus is on breeding lines we also do large scale prodcution of C. coum.

The images show:

  1. Leaf used as explant material
  2. Prepared leaf piece before sterilization.
  3. Callus formed on the leaf pieces with shoots arising.
  4. Detailed image of regenerated shoots.
  5. Individual shoot ready for transfer to light.


Interspecific hybrids

Interspecific hybrids We have broad experience in the generation of interspecific hybrids in ormamental crops. An example is the generation of interspecific Impatiens. A cross between Impatiens walleriana and Impatiens pseudoviola has led to a ...



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