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Embryo rescue

Embryo culture techniques have many significant applications in plant breeding. Rescuing immature embryo's and culture them is an attractive technique for recovering plants from sexual crosses where the majority of embryos cannot survive in vivo or become dormant for long periods of time.

Overcoming embryo inviability is the most common reason for the application of embryo rescue techniques. The technique of embryo rescue is widely applied to a broad variety of crops varying from ornamentals to fruit crops. In fruit crops it is sprecifically applied to generate plants at the triploid level for the purpose of developing improved seedless fruits. Limiting factors for the succes of embryo rescue can be crossing barriers and embryo abortion at very early stages.

Immature embryo rescue provides an alternative means to recover hybrids, which usually fail to completely develop in vivo. In this way it is possible to develop interspecific hybrids with new characteristics.

If the hybrids are sterile, doubling the chromosomes can restore fertility and these plants can be used in the breeding program.


Interspecific hybrids

Interspecific hybrids We have broad experience in the generation of interspecific hybrids in ormamental crops. An example is the generation of interspecific Impatiens. A cross between Impatiens walleriana and Impatiens pseudoviola has led to a ...



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